Winter tourism


Ski Olympic complex Bjelašnica-Igman, is located 30 kilometers from Sarajevo. Combined, they have eight trails for alpine and cross-country skiing in a total length of 20 km. With over 200 snowy days a year, an average snow depth of 100 cm, well-groomed downhill trails for slalom and giant slalom, at an altitude of 1266-2067 meters, Bjelasnica is an extraordrnary place for an active winter vacation and recreation.


Jahorina, one of the most beautiful Olympic mountains is located 30 kilometers from Sarajevo. It offers conditions for alpine skiing, cross country skiing, night skiing and sledding on 7 trails for beginners and professionals at a total length of 20 km. The highest peak is Ogorjelica – 1916 meters above sea level. The mountain has over 180 snow days a year, from November to April, and sometimes in May. During the season an average snow depth is 100 cm.

Sports – recreation center Babanovac is located in central Bosnia and Herzegovina on Mount Vlašić near medieval town of Travnik. Babanovac is located 1,260 meters above sea level and has over 14 kilometers of trails. The highest peak is Paljenik – 1,943 meters high. Mild mountain climate makes Vlašić year-round destination.


Sports – recreation center Risovac is located in the natural park Blidinje in the foothills of the mountains Vran and Čvrsnica. Risovac is located at 1250 meters above sea level and has several ski trails and ski lifts. One of ski trails meets the criteria of the International Ski Organization (FIS) for international competitions in slalom and giant slalom.


Ski resorts Čajuša, Stožer i Mačak are located in the vicinity of Kupres at 1300-1550 meters above sea level. Čajuša is located 7 km from Kupres. It has four easy and intermediate trails, in a total  length of 13.5 kilometers. Ski center Stožer is located on the mountain Stožer and has two trails in total length of 4 km.


Ski center Kozara is located in the National Park Kozara near Prijedor. It is situated 50 km from Banja Luka. Ski center is located on the mountain Kozara at an altitude of 800 meters and has two easy and intermediate trails, in a length of 950 meters.


Ski – Center Rostovo is located 12 km from Bugojno, at an altitude of 1160 meters and offers trailsof easy and intermediate level, in a length of 1,4 kilometers.

Vran Kamen

Ski Vran Kamen is located 16 km from Fojnica at an altitude of 1900 meters. Ski center offers 5 trails of all levels, in a length of 7 km.


Kneževo Ski Resort is located near the town of Kneževo at 1250 meters above sea level and has 3 tracks with a total length of 2 km.