Spa tourism


Banja Ilidža

Banja Ilidža is located in the Sarajevo valley at the foot of Mount Igman near the source of the river Bosnia. The first traces of using sulfurous – oligo mineral water date back to the Roman times. Today health resort “Spa Terme – Ilidža” offers services in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, as well as space for group and individual exercises.

Banja Slatina

Thermal waters of Banja Slatina in Banja Luka are used since ancient times, and the construction of the spa facility and the use of water for healing medical purposes began in the Austro – Hungarian Empire, after scientific research of thermal waters in 1888. Water Banja Slatina has a beneficial effect on rheumatism, consequences of trauma, certain forms of sterility, in the treatment of hypertension and diseases of the blood vessels.

Banja Vrućica

Banja Vrućica in Teslić is known for its use of healing thermal mineral water from the period of Austro-Hungarian rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and today it is well known natural spa, conference, sports and recreational and tourist manifestation center. The healing waters of the spa successfully treats cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, stomach disease, diabetes, enhances and accelerates the process of rehabilitation, helps to maintain healthy and promote fitness, neurosis and neuralgia.


Banja Reumal in Fojnica is known for its healing thermal springs since ancient times, and in 1919 it is scientifically proven the existence of radioactive thermal water. Today’s spas Reumal equipped with modern specialized institution for the rehabilitation of the locomotor system, kardiorehabilitaciju, child rehabilitation, recreation, active holidays and programmed sport activities.

Vilina Vlas

Since Roman times Vilina Vlas near Višegrad has been known by geothermal waters that have radioactive and carbonate characteristics. Visegrad spa water is used for treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of all ages.

Spa Mlječanica

Spa Mlječanica in Kozarska Dubica has been known for centuries for its healing waters. Mlječanica is located in the beautiful natural landscape on the slopes of Mount Kozara. Although the basis of its therapy is mineral water, today it apply modern methods ljiječenja and rehabilitation.

Banja Dvorovi

Dvorovi is located in the heart of Semberija in Bijeljina.It was built in 1957. after theaccidental discovery of the healing mineral waters after drilling for the purposes of oil exploration. Healing water of spa Dvorovi is used for bathing in hot tubs and swimming pools (hydrotherapy), for drinking, for inhalations and for underwater shower massages. This spa is known for the treatment of all forms of rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases, diabetes and some types of skin diseases.


Laktaši is known for its healing waters since antiquity and modern development of the spa resources begins in 1930s. Spa water is used for treating diseases of the locomotor system, cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, nerve disorders, for the treatment of geriatric diseases, and recreation and tourism purposes.


Center for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Spa Treatment “Ilidža” in Gradačac was built in 1980. The natural thermal mineral water is used for treatment of rheumatic and neurological diseases, metabolic diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.


The healing thermal mineral water spa in Olovo is known since ancient times, and today the spa and recreation center “Aquaterm” offers the services of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, sonotherapy, magnetic therapy, thermotherapy, massage and physical training.


Thermal resort Gata is used since the 80s after medical characteristics of water are discovered. Health resort provides thermotherapy, hydrotherapy and kinesiotherapy.