Religious tourism

Due to its centuries rich history Bosnia is a place of encounter and coexistence of different nations.

Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to its religious diversity is known as the “European Jerusalem”. Sarajevo is the seat of the Muslim religious leader, Reis-ul-Ulema, DB diocese of the Orthodox Church and the seat of the archbishopric Roman Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most important religious buildings in Sarajevo are located in the city center at a distance of several hundred meters – Gazi Husrev-Beg Mosque, the Orthodox Cathedral, the Catholic Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, as well as the Sarajevo synagogue.

The most visited sanctuary, and the most attractive destination in the area of religious tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Međugorje – Our Lady’s apparitions place located 25 km from Mostar. Since 1981, when a group of young people witnessed the apparition of Our Lady, this place is being visited by at least one million pilgrims during the year.

Apart from Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most popular destination at the map of religious tourism is Ajvatovica – the largest pilgrimage of Muslims in Europe, where for 500 years the pilgrims gather. Ajvatovica is located in Prusac town between Bugojno and Donji Vakuf. For Ajvatovica is a legend of the mystical event in the life of Ajvaz- grandfather who was in Bosnia and Herzegovina came in the 15th century. Start gathering is determined every seventh Monday after St. George, and not according to Hijri calendar, which indicates a connection to Bogomil prayers for rain and crop protection.

Tekke on the Buna in Blagaj was founded after the fall of Herzegovina under the Turkish rule in the 15th century and is a place where dervishes perform a special ritual – zikir – the worship of God. Tekke was built near the springs of the Buna River, the strongest karst springs on the territory of Europe with an average annual water flow of 43 m³ per second. In Tekke Dervish ceremoniesare organized once a week, and every year in the month of May a religious event mevlud is organized that is attended by thousands of visitors.

One of the most important monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church is Tvrdoš dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin and the seat of Herzegovinian bishops and metropolitans. The monastery is located near Trebinje. For monastery Tvrdoš bind three different versions of creation. According to tradition, the first established by the holy Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena, to the second, King Milutin, according to the third legend, the monastery was built by Duke Stephen. The monks Tvrdoš produce wine and honey superior quality.

One of the must-see destination for religious tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Žitomislić Monastery dedicated to the Annunciation of the Holy Virgin, which is located near Mostar, between Pocitelj and Buna. Žitomislić Monastery represents and culturally important Orthodox monastery Herzegovina from the 16th century. The monastery was demolished during last war and today is again restored.