Eco and ethno tourism

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a lot of isolated, but very hospitable villages. The optimal altitude, dense forests, meadows, streams with lakes and chasms, caves, rock massifs and high quality air in our villages offer tourists excellent conditions for hiking, hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, caving, skiing, picking mushrooms and herbs.

Lukomir village is located 50 km southwest of Sarajevo at an altitude of 1495m on mountain Bjelašnica, making it the highest village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where you can meet a dozen villagers who live in stone houses. During the long and harsh winter from late November to late April villagers are isolated from the rest of the world because the snow buries roads, and the only access Lukomir is impassable.

Ethno Bey’s village is located in a protected area of the nature reserve Bijambare and offers services of rest and recreation. The altitude is 1040 meters and is 500 meters from the main road Sarajevo – Tuzla. Ethno Bey’s Village, next to the Bosnian cuisine and offers horseback riding, bicycle rental, photo safari, rafting on Krivaja river, yoga, massage, possibility of visiting Bijambare cave, etc.

Ethno – village Herceg is located between Čitluk, Međugorje and Ljubuški. Next to the hotel – there are 10 stone houses with shops offering traditional products. Within the village there is also a museum. In addition to eco, ethno and sports tourism ethno village also offers services for congress tourism.

Royal village Kotromanićevo is located in the Doboj region, 45 km from the Croatian border, on the banks of the river Veličanka and offers stays in modern houses built in the antique style from natural materials – wooden log cabins. Royal village Kotromanićevo organizes knightly tournaments, medieval dinners, hunting, fishing, paragliding and mountain biking and the unspoiled naturewalks.

Ethno-village Stanišići near Bijeljina is a tourist complex that includes:hotels, luxury apartments, lakes, mills, stables and barns. Inside the ethno village there is the Monastery of St. Nicholas where weddings can be organized. Inside the restaurant of ethno village Stanisici you can enjoy a good traditional cuisine. Tourist Complex offers a riding school, carriage and sleigh rides.It also offers congress tourism services.